Dealing with chaos would be easy if all were just black and white …

SAARE-BTWA_2 small

HONEY 2014 Untitled-39 SAARE_WILDERNESS-II-2014 copy 2013_FRAGILE_D35 Last summer 2012 Mutant flowers III 2014 FRAGILITY 2

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Currently head of the department of glass of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Mare has organized and participated in several glass exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. Her glass art is very sensitive, she touches on the basic values of life. Her dedication to photography allows her a deep insight into both the surrounding world and her own creations.

Mare Saare is in her work like a traveler who, with an open heart, constantly chooses new routes trying to comprehend the essence of the world. In her earlier works she has often used black opaque glass, connecting on its surface the archetypal sign of civilization – the pyramids – with cosmic images of the earth and the sky. Organizing the chaos of the universe into art has helped the artist to re-organize the chaos in herself, to achieve control over her own life”. /Reeli Kõiv, Tartu Art Museum/



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