Animal Planet



There is a paradoxical phenomenon evident in the contaminated area of Chernobyl: after the people have left, the wildlife has prospered. Of course, animals living in these areas have suffered from a variety of side effects caused by radiation, many animals and plants also died immediately after the catastrophy. But now they have reclaimed the land, the ghost cities, and made it their habitat due to the removal of human influence. In 2007 the Ukrainian government designated the zone as a wildlife sanctuary, at 488,7 km2 one of the largest in Europe. ( of the Chernobyl disaster)
Life is fragile, but at the same time persistent: wherever the land suffers a disaster, at some time life will pop up again from the barren surface. In multiple forms, some known, some unknown.
Without human presence, life on the Earth will go on – undisturbed by us. Nature may take over. The illusion of human victory over nature may fall apart.


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