Afterimage – prints onto glass

The special transparent transfer paper allows you to fuse the output from a Laser Printer* directly onto glass.
The printed image is made of very fine particles of Iron Oxide which are printed onto a transparent film. This film is then transferred and fused into the surface of the glass when the film substrate is burned away in your kiln. A ’black & white’ printed image, when fired and fused, produces a monotone image which is similar to the old sepia prints. The process is capable of producing quite fine detail which is strong enough to withstand subsequent firings and layering without significant deterioration. /From:

1. The original photograph of a prayer in a Japanese temple


2. Black&white print on the transfer paper

3. Sepia-colored image after firing on glass at 800 C


4. Image on glass playing with shadows


5. Image on glass photographed in back-light and worked in PhotoShop


6. Pale image on the background is printed and fired on a glass sheet that has been painted and fired at 600 C. Small images are printed and fired in a second firing.


7. A glass object is photographed, printed on the transfer paper to be fired on glass


8. Image of the glass object printed on glass that has been painted and fired beforehand. The textures and colours enrich the sepia image.


9. Afterimage (2012) shows the three stages of working: original photos, printed and fired glass and the images photographed or scanned from the glass plate.


10. Butterfly I (2011) is printed and fired on glass


11. Butterfly II (2011) using a graphically prepared textured background

12. Butterfly III (2011) using the negative image of the original photograph of the white butterfly. The watercolour-like effect is achieved by painting the glass after it has been printed and fired.

*Suitable printers:

HEWLETT PACKARD: 1022; 3015; 3020; 3030; 3050; 3050Z; 3052; 3055;M1005mfb; 3300, 3310, 3320, 3320n, 3330, 3380; 1022n, 1022nw M1319; M1319F F MFP (Cartridge#: Q2612A 12A)

MF4150; MF-4150; MF4690; FX9; Faxphone L120, imageCLASS MF4150, imageCLASS MF4270, image CLASS MF4690, i-Sensys 4050, i-Sensys 4120, i-Sensys 4140, Satera MF4120, Satera MF4130, Satera MF4150; image CLASS MF3240

Doesn’t work with brands: Brother; SAMSUNG, Energy, Ikon.