Rainforest I. 2013

Rainforest I 2013Rainforest I 2013Rainforest I. 2013


Inspired by Nature

Hempel Glasmuseum 25.4 - 20.10.2013

Hempel Glasmuseum  25. 04. – 20. 10. 2013  Denmark


International glass art at Hempel Glass Museum

Lene Bødker (DK) – Tanja Pak (SL) – Mare Saare (EE) – Maret Sarapu (EE) – Ingrid Nord (NO) – Sigrun and Ólöf Einarsdottir (IS) – Eva Walsh (IR)

Danish and international glass art has been developing prolifically in recent years, as can be experienced in numerous exhibitions around the world. Danish glass artists have in recent years gained firm foothold on the international glass scene and Hempel Glassmuseum would like to respond by inviting international artists to exhibit in the museum.

In the summer of 2012 the biennale for contemporary glass and ceramics ‘European Glass Context 2012’ was successfully organized on the island of Bornholm. Two large-scale exhibitions showed the best of contemporary European glass. With assistance of the biennale curator, glass artist Susanne Jøker Johnsen, Hempel Glassmuseum has put together an exhibition with seven of the participating artists, whose work reflects nature as inspiration. The selected works show a full range of techniques and styles made by seven acclaimed artists from Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Ireland and Iceland.

The Museum is open until 9 pm on Tuesdays from June 25 to August 20, 2013

Mare Saare:

Traveling in the world and in life makes one open one’s eyes. It is not all pleasant one encounters. There is often pain and struggle to endure, and sometimes one creates the “enclosed gardens” for security and peace of mind. These gardens are secret getaways, usually made up in one’s mind. An artist is a privileged person able to create the “enclosed gardens” that take form in material and exist in reality. Making them is the perfect getaway while the objects become definitions for different circumstances”.

Defining Happiness. 2013

Defining Fragility. 2013Blue fragile. 2008Fragile Cirquit. 2009St John's Night. 2013