“The end of the world is not coming” 2010 Tartu Art Museum

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The installation “The End of the World is not Coming” made up of tens of unique blossom-like objects is a continuation of a blossom series started a few years ago, which the artist calls The Fragiles. The bases of the objects have been made of melted ground glass, the nucleus in the technique of pâte de verre. From the opaque surface covered with sand, which seemingly is not fertile, vital glistening glass buds nevertheless penetrate reminding the wonder of life. They have the effect of flowers in a desert or on the surface of the moon, some with calyxes empty inside but some filled to the brim, full like the chalice of suffering. The glass bases bearing the buds are all broken and jagged at the edges, hinting thus at the devastating effects of limitless sacrifice. In the present springtime, Mare Saare’s enchanting blossoms invite us to notice the annual wonder of nature – the ability of it to wake again and start the eternal circle of life. /Reeli Kõiv, Tartu Art Museum 2010/


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